Bollywood Movies

Bollywood movies are Hindi-language films that are typically produced in Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay. While the term Bollywood movies are typically used to encompass all of Indian cinema, the truth of the matter is that it properly only refers to a small portion of Indian cinema. The term Bollywood was coined during the 1970s, a time when cinema in India boomed, turning the country into one of the world’s largest film producers.

Bollywood Movies

Bollywood Movies

Bollywood movies draw from many different rich sources that make it a unique viewing experience. For example, Indian epics, with their narratives that include stories within stories and extensive side plots, have given many Hindi movies their themes and their structures, while traditional Parsi theater, which utilizes songs, dances, and fantasy occurrences, also has a hand in the way that Bollywood movies are told. Finally, musicals from the United States, with their spectacles and their elaborate stage pieces, also had a hand in the way that these movies turned out.

While Bollywood movies encompass a wide variety of themes and subjects, there are some factors that are common from film to film. For example, a very high number of Bollywood films are musicals, no matter what the subject matter. A film is often marketed on the strength of its songs, and the Hindi movies’ soundtracks are often released before the film itself is. Some common themes in Bollywood movies include love-triangles, tragic romances, and stunts from the main stars. Romantic films are extremely popular, as are films which are highly melodramatic in tone. These films can be 3 hours or more in length.

When looking for Hindi movies, there are some standouts that should be considered. One of the highest-grossing movies in the Bollywood category is Ghajini, a remake of a Tamil film. This movie stars Aamir Khan and Jiah Khan in the leading roles. The plot follows a man who experiences anterograde amnesia, which means that he forgets everything that happens after a certain point. Using tattoos and a camera, he leaves himself important hints as he solves the mystery of his lover’s murder.

A good example of a Bollywood comedy drama would be the movie Dhoom 2, which features Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra as a pair of cops who are hunting a high-tech thief, played by Hrithik Roshan. This fast-paced film features many death-defying stunts from all the characters, as well as a liberal amount of romance. Like Ghajini, it is among the top ten top grossing Bollywood films of all time.

Bollywood cinema has a great deal to offer even the casual viewer, so pick up some of the classics and sit down for some fun!

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