Bollywood Actors

Bollywood actors are an integral part of the Bollywood industry and famous examples range from character actors to leading men. In Bollywood movies, actors are called upon to sing, dance and act, all while performing impressive stunts that are a staple of the Bollywood films. There are definitely a few Bollywood actors that stand out and looking at their body of work, you will find that it is wide and diverse.

Bollywood Actors

Bollywood Actors

Shahrukh Kahn has been called the King of Bollywood, and with over 70 films on his filmography, it is not hard to see why. This Bollywood actor has won the Filmfare’s award for Best Actor eight times, and he has credits in television and theater as well as in film. Some of his popular roles include a music teacher in the film Mohabbatein, and a general turned Buddhist in the movie Asoka, where he starred alongside Bollywood actress Kareen Kapoor. Some of his movies include some of the most famed Bollywood songs.

Dilip Kumar is another Bollywood actor who is highly acclaimed by both a commercial and critical audience. He is tied with Shahrukh Kahn for the most wins in the Best Actor category, and along with his illustrious film career, he is also a member of Parliament. He was given the nickname the Tragedy King due to his turn in many dramatic movies, and he has been a prominent Bollywood actor for more than fifty years. Some of his most famous movies include Aan, Andaz, Shakti and Saudagar.

Salmar Khan is a less prolific Bollywood actor than Shahrukh Khan or Dilip Kumar, but his rise to fame has been quick and stunning. He is the son of the well-known screenwriter Salim Khan, and he began his career in 1988 with the movie Biwi Ho To Aisi, where he had a supporting role. A year later, he got his first big break in the form of the movie Maine Pyar Kiyai, where he was the lead character in what would end up being one of the highest-grossing Bollywood films. For his performance in that film, he received Filmfare’s award for Best Debut.

If you are interested in learning more about Bollywood actors, there is a wealth of information out there. Movies from Bollywood cover a wide range of topics, so pick up a few from your favorite genre and learn about some of the most lively movies in the world.

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